Is the Perfect Situp Worth it?

by admin on October 31, 2010

Recently Perfect Fitness unveiled a new ab product on the market- the perfect situp.  It is a ergonomically designed device to help one work their abs and achieve the six pack of their dreams.  While all that sounds nice and all, is it worth the prices that perfect online is asking? That is the question. You see, this device is single function.  There are some other devices out that can work your abs and arms and back and shoulders.  This is not like that.  This device is specialized, which means it does one thing and one thing only: work your abs. But how does the price stack up to other things?  Well, it is currently 3 payments of $33 at the time of this writing.  That equals to $99 dollars before taxes or shipping costs.  So basically a hundred dollars. Currently Available at a fraction of that cost -click this link to see current discount.   Most of your fitness clubs cost at least $45 per month for the smallest packages, and up to $80 depending on where you live.  For the price of two months of gym service or even one month if you live in an upscale area you can get this device and workout whenever you want to, not bad. Other devices such as Bowflex's cost into the thousands easily.  So thats beyond a thousand dollar difference.  The only difference is those multifunction devices are more geared to the arms and legs, and not specialized for the abs. All in all, 3 payments of $33 is not bad at all.  There are all other ways you could spend that much and not get abs.  Most people never use their gym memberships beyond the first few months anyways.  For that same price you can have the perfect situp hanging in your closet waiting for you to bust it out when its time to work out.  That sounds like a neat deal to me, and that is very convenient when you think about it!

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