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The Perfect Situp is affordable, easy to use exercise equipment to not only flatten the stomach, but also to effectively workout the abs.  It works by combining the upper ab crunch with the lower ab leg lift to not only give you a better workout, but also a quicker one.  Those who want a ripped midsection would appreciate the effective results of using The Perfect Situp.  The purpose of it is to include more muscles allowing you to be able to do more crunches and situps in less time and with less effort. It works by combining the upper body along with the lower body resistance, working all four sets of abdominal muscles.  The Perfect Situp helps keep you in a great position with adding more resistance through the legs and the back. It is known,situps are the best exercise for working the ab muscles.  Unfortunately, if the traditional situp is not done correctly, you can do more harm than good.  With The Perfect Situp, it is designed to be more effective then regular situps.  The machine provides support to keep your body in perfect form so you can focus on your midsection and get the shape you are looking for. The Perfect Situp is made to be comfortable.  It positions your body for better results.  For the back, there is thick padding for added comfort.  Once you lie in The Perfect Situp; you will be in a cradle position, then you place feet in the foot cradles.  When you are positioned correctly, you will have the proper angle for your knees, and your head is positioned correctly.  The curve located at the bottom of the back, will hold your butt into place.  Once you are ready to go, you will be able to perform a great ab workout. A benefit of The Perfect Situp is you get a complete workout within 5-10 minutes.  The machine will guide you through a smoother situp with a perfect technique.  You won’t wobble around during your workout.  The handles use comfort grips to make it easier to grasp and your neck would be completely supported to prevent strain.  It was made to fold, so you can put it under a bed or in a closest without taking up too much room.  Plus, you can take it with you when you travel.  It is also affordable.  You can get a great workout for hardly any cost. There are so many wonderful benefits of The Perfect Situp machine making it worth it to purchase.  If you are looking to flatten your stomach or beef up your abs, then it may just be for you.

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